Transformers Masterpiece MP-46: Blackarachnia (Blackwidow)

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MISB (Mint In Sealed Box)

Following the Megatron (Beast Wars) in the Transformers Masterpiece Series, Destron / Secret Intelligence Engineer Blackarachnia (Beast Wars) has appeared !!

A female warrior, Blackarachnia, who belongs to the evil Destron army corps in the CG animation "Beast Wars: Transformation" has been revived with the latest interpretation and technology.

In robot mode, it transforms into a Blackarachnia which feature is faithfully same as the anime. The face part is interchangeable with the included replacement face (smiling face) / (screaming face), and the joints of the whole body can reproduce various action poses as per the image in the anime.

Using the included display stand and spiderweb parts, you can display poses and spider webs floating in the air in both Beast mode and Robot mode.

Includes: Blackarachnia Body, Face (Smiling), Face (Screaming), Poison Anchor, Anchor Missile, Visor, Visor Cable, Code, Spiderweb Parts(4), TF Power Base, Arm, Adapter A, Adapter B, Character Card, Instruction Sheet

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