Quantity Limits & Drop Shipping

Quantity Limits

All items have a limit of 2 per person / household.

Except Funko POPs which are limited to 1 per customer / household.

Collectibles Supplies are excluded from this limit. (IE Stands, Protective Cases)

Exceptions may be made for items they we can still restock. Please contact us first about a possible exception before placing an order.


Orders that exceed the aforementioned limits

If an order contains item(s) over the limit(s) we will adjust it down to the limit(s).

Except for when this represents a majority of the order we may cancel and refund the entire order in those cases. 

We will then issue a refund for the item(s) and send the rest of the order. If previous orders have already met the limit on all items in an order we will cancel and refund the entire order. 


Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping (Buying from us and having us send it directly to someone you've already sold it to.) is not allowed. Suspected drop shipped orders or orders sent to drop shippers will be cancelled and refunded. All orders will include a packing slip but cost is not listed.